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Stand Your Ground - Vol. 1

This book which is the first of three volumes, and just like the other two, the book provides distinct Knowledge, Insight, and Encouragement which are drawn directly from the Word of God to equip the Believer and all that would come to believe in the Gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

The book exploratively, journeys through the Scriptures of the Holy Bible to give its reader a better understanding of the Tenets of the Christian Faith as we discover Truths that will give us the advantage over the Wicked and their various systems in this world. We will also learn about Man and his composition as we discover how to overcome Temptation. Provocation, False Accusation, Indoctrination, etc., while learning about the limitless Riches of the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Stand Your Ground - Vol. 2
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Stand Your Ground Volume 2

In this second volume of the three volumes of the Book Stand Your Ground, we will exploratively look at the subject of “Faith”, its functionality and how it is gotten and how we can develop it in our lives as we discuss how and what it means to trust God, and learn how to overcome matters like Anxiety and Temptation. 

In this Book, which primarily teaches how to live in this world as a Believer, we will also learn how to specifically deal with Fear, Doubt and Distractions, by learning how to screen our Thoughts as we deal with these emotional issues. 

 Also, in this Volume, we learn the importance of prayer, how to pray effectively, and extensively discuss the issue of Compromise in the life of a Believer in the Lord Jesus Christ.  

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Not Ordinary CD

The long-awaited “Not Ordinary “ Cd is finally scheduled to be released late December 2020 by Ken-Ethan Music Publishing. The CD which 13 powerful Tracks already has several thousand Pre-Orders since the release of one of the Tracks (Life in Christ) in September 2020, the Track went viral with over 1.3 million downloads and shares within the first 2 weeks of its release!

If you have not yet gotten it, you can download free below.

Stand Your Ground - Vol. 3
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Stand Your Ground Volume 3

This book is the third part of the three Volume Book Series of Stand Your Ground. Just like the two previous volumes, it is intended to equip the Believer with specific Knowledge and deeper insights into the Tenets of the Christian Faith. This volume specially deals with understanding Righteousness and Justification by faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. It becomes easier to hold onto the Promises of God when one understands the Justification and true Righteousness that can only come from one’s faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Additionally, we will also learn about Wisdom, how to get, and apply it in our lives as Believers. 

With God-given wisdom, one will know how to deal with issues like Disappointment and Discouragement even in the most challenging of situations. In this volume, several other key matters were discussed, including the matter of Wealth and Money in the life of a Believer. 

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Never Far Away CD

This compilation Soulful hits was the debut Album of Dr. Ken-Ethan released in 2012. 

This Music Project that is truly loaded with inspiring songs of Praise and Worship with notable elements of classical instrumentation in its production is a must-have for anyone that loves music.

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