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This the official Website of Dr. Ken-Ethan Woghiren. Here you can get current information on his Appearance and Meeting schedules, free downloads of Materials such as Books, Music and more.

books & music

"Born of God"

Some of the Books and Music of Dr. Ken-Ethan Woghiren are available for free download on this site, simply follow the Link below:

Stand Your Ground
volumes 1, 2 & 3

This 3-volume series is really a must-have Collection for anyone that truly wants to get a better understanding of Christianity without the barriers of Religion.

Books & Publications

Not Ordinary

Brand new Audio CD that contains the mega hit, "Life in Jesus", "In Your Presence", "Trial By Fire" and many more!


About the man


" I would rather stand alone in Righteousness through Christ Jesus, than be celebrated amongst the Ungodly"

-Dr. Ken-Ethan Woghiren

dr.ken-ethan woghiren


dr. ken-ethan

gospel minister

Dr. Ken-Ethan Woghiren is a Minister of the Gospel, an  Author, a Board-Certified Medical Practitioner, a Gospel Recoding Artiste, an Entrepreneur and above all else, a Teacher and Mentor to many others, which include, Pastors, Politicians, Entrepreneurs and several award-winning Gospel Recording Artistes.

The American/Nigerian who was raised in the United States is an avid Business man, a Philanthropist. He is the President of the Ken-Ethan Group, a multi-National conglomerate which owns Ken-Ethan Construction and other several subsidiaries. 

“Dr. Ken” as he is popularly called, is also a respectable Motion Picture Director and Producer that has worked on laudable Award-winning Projects over the years, never seeking recognition. He is also a master communicator who speaks several languages and a lover of people.

Dr. Ken-Ethan Woghiren is notably passionate about everything he does. Some of his literary Works include the following:

Wolves At The Door (The Days of the False Prophet) - Coming Soon!

Get Born Again (God's Plan For Mankind)

Stand Your Ground - Volume 1 (Receiving the Word In Much Affliction)

The Demon Within (The Dangers of uncontrolled Anger) - Coming Soon!

Stand Your Ground - Volume 2

Stand Your Ground - Volume 3

Dr. Ken-Ethan Woghiren is a consummate Speaker and Teacher with many years of experience.

"Dr. Ken" has been described by many as a “Marvel” because of his knowledge, and many Talents. He also is well known for always preferring to work in the background when involved with Projects to create opportunities for others."
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Dr. Ken-Ethan releases a powerful and very timely Prayer for all, particularly at this time when there seem to be more questions than answers for so many in the world today. This prayer can be downloaded free from the shop. Simply click the download button below.

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The Prayer


Dr. Ken-Ethan says all Believers around the world should be praying at this time, holding each other up in prayer and assisting one another in love as we all go through these challenging times. He says we all should be praying for the Leaders of the Nations of the world, that God will give them wisdom, the fortitude and desire to do what is right  for all mankind.

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